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How to play and gain success at Frontierville FrontierVille Zynga Game

How to play and gain success at Frontierville

Zynga’s Frontierville has gained its popularity as a game playable online through Facebook. If you’re not a fan of playing inside Facebook’s interface, you can also access Frontierville directly at Zynga Games website – just link your Facebook account and play away.
Just by looking at the name it’s obvious that the inspiration behind Frontierville is Farmville, Zynga’s biggest hit. The players who are used to Farmville will have no problems adjusting to Frontierville gameplay, so the following article is mainly for those who aren’t familiar with Farmville but would like to jump into playing Frontierville.
What is this game about, exactly, and how do you win in it?
The main character of Frontierville is a pilgrim, a settler, who is looking to establish a place to live for himself and his partner. For the time being, the partner is staying back in the city, so your mission is to get a plot of land and build it into a nice place for living. You will be raising livestock, collecting edible plants, building and expanding your settlement. On the menu to your left there will be various tasks and completing them will earn you money, experience and trophies.
The thing with Frontierville that is the most fun is that the game is always evolving and updating, so right now there is no way to “complete” the game. There’s always something new coming up, new tasks, new plants and new buildings.
Are there any tricks for being successful at Frontierville?
So the main plot of the game is building a settlement, and you expand it by cutting down trees and clearing the land from weeds. The first thing you can do is save as much money as you can on food and wood, those coins will be very handy later on in the game.
Also, when you look closer, Frontierville is not as simple as it looks and holds some surprises. The amount of work you can do each day depends on the energy your character has left, and that increases as you gain experience. There is a little cheat you can use to get more energy – buy “energy revival” meals in exchange for the collected plants or gifts you may get from your friends.
As you’re trying to expand your estate, you may encounter some unusual obstacles in the shape of wild animals – foxes, snakes, moles and even bears. You must chase them off and that uses up energy, however, most of the time while running away those animals will leave behind some coins. The value of those coins is usually greater than the profit you get from raising your own livestock.
Here’s a last, but certainly not least tip: for the construction of your buildings you will need materials like bricks, paint, nails etc. There are some building that require odd things that you cannot find “in the wild”, so the only way of getting them will be receiving them as a gift from your “neighbor” (your Facebook friend, that is) or creating them in a different building, so be careful while choosing what to build.

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